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Victorias Clean Up

Mayor Severo Palanca has seated as the city’s chief executive for the past 20 years. Because of the former Mayor’s length of service to the city, a lot of developments can now be seen in our beloved hometown. Many recognition and awards have been earned by the city through his efforts. For one, he converted the then third class municipality into one of the progressive cities in the province. The building of the Victorias Coliseum, the changes in the public plaza, the business investors in the Victorias commercial center, the tourist destination Gawahon Mountain and Eco Resort are among his top legacies to the city.

Mayor Vero tho, since he sat for twenty years also advanced in age.He was already 80 when he retired as mayor. Came with it, some parts were really not beneficial and helpful to the city. Some of mayor’s team because also of their length of service became non performing, stagnant and lacked vision to make a change.

The newly elected mayor, Hon. Francis Frederick Wantan Palanca has set new platforms, new visions and is trying really hard to have a new leadership with discipline and open-mindedness, when it comes to work.

Mayor Wantan wants to see to it that the people who pay taxes get what they deserve. A new line of effective public servants who are worth the people’s taxes should be put in place.

Mayor Wantan believes that putting a line of department heads in the city hall is a thing that needs thorough evaluation. Right now, one of his initial plans to start with is a new team to handle the services the people need.

Those who are not performing well should be moved to where they excel the best. And critical positions in the city hall should be headed by effective, competent and deserving managers.

I like it the way the new mayor starts his program for Victorias. I am so excited that in time our city will be more progressive and services the people deserve should be given. Putting  the right people for the job, is a good kick off of running the entire city. It really should start from the mayor’s team, then everything will just follow.

In a year or two, I am positive that I could say and write in my blog how our City has changed for the better and has levelled up with some progressive LGUs in the province.

Goodluck to Mayor Wantan and his new set of leaders. I support you all the way! Asenso na Victoriahanon!


The First DAAYQ Grand Reunion

Well DAAYQ is just a short cut for  Don Alejandro Acuna Yap Quina, our Chinese ancestor who donated the land area of where Victorias City stands today.. After so long a time, we, the living descendants are organizing a grand reunion. I belong to the 5th generation already but mostly from the third ones left, even with Dad’s 4th generation, only a few are still here. Anyway, maybe its about time.

Planning a reunion like this is not so hard for me. Everyone allows me to decide on plans and after I come up with with an idea and let them check it. Most of the time, I get approvals. Budget wise, I seem not to find any problem, my relatives are generous , each person wanted to sponsor a meal. Since the reunion is only comprised of 6 meals (for two days) only 6 persons are allowed to spend bigger money. The rest is just required to donate whatever and how much they wanted and they rest will jsut seat back and relax and enjoy the whole reunion.

July is three months from now and everyone is excited. DAAQY has three children so it means there are three clans. Each clan is now preparing special production number and the Acuna have started already.

Anyway, come July, my aim is to reduce 20 pounds for the events we are participating in. So more diet for me.. Religous visitations to the gym and the derma and watch the food I eat!!!

Just an annoucement:

Calling all members of Don Alejandro Acuna Yap Quina, please participate in the reunion!

Acuna family

Palanca family

Palanca Bantug family

Palanca Corona family

Palanca Alonte family

Palanca Mosqueda family

Suncuaco family

Suncuco Mirasol family

Suncuaco De Dios family

Suncuaco Garcia family

Suncuaco Miraflores family

Suncuaco Pabillo family

When She’s Gone..

It was a few of the days when the City of Victorias was so quiet and the streets looked really sad. It was like a holiday without cars on the road, the flag half mast, the traffic enforcers sad looked, the City hall employees have teary eyes.

The people are crying, the workers are in mourning, the family is in grief. The Mother of Victorias left them. Former Mayor Remedios P. Bantug was a woman that almost everyone knew to be the most generous, religious, kind-hearted and yet strong-willed lady who helped thousands of people. The legacy that she left the City is enormous that thousands of people flock to her wake. The flower shops stopped accepting orders of flowers because everyone was just sending her. People lined up to see a glance of the old lady. The President of the country and some members of the Senate and House of Representative, Public Officials and Officers of multinational Corporations sent their sympathies.

Personally, Mrs. Bantug or Lola Idiong, was the most generous person to have helped me and my family. She shared in our tuition fees, paid some of the lawyers fees, paid some of the hospital bills and medicine, gave work and business to my parents, lend us anything that she had to facilitate relatives. I can hardly remember her saying no to a needy family member. This kind of testimony is not for us but for the people she loved in general , the people whom she saw the need of extending a hand.

Lola Idiong built that Ikaayong Lawas Foundation Hospital or Immaculate Conception Hospital, the only hospital in Victorias which catered the people of Manapla, Victorias and EB Magalona. She spearheaded the Damas de la Caridad and was active in Church activities because of the many donations for the Church. Her family is always involved in medical missions and outreach programs. During her stint as Mayor of Victorias, at the age of 81, she has built the Victorias Rehabilation Center, beautified the plaza, shared in the construction of the Coliseum and many other projects that helped the City to be a better place to live in.

Lola Idiong is survived by her siblings, Atty. Sammy Palanca, Mayor Vero Palanca, Nenita Alonte, Chayong Palanca and Dr. Ernesto Palanca, children, Vicky Hoffart, Armita Rufino, Reynaldo Bantug and Cynthia Regino, her children in law, grand children and great grandchildren. She will always be remembered for her kind heart and generosity, firm leadership, sweet smile, and her smart dresses and jewelries, and her throwing of extravangant parties held in her “punong”.

Farewell, grand matriarch, may your rest in peace!

A Heartfelt Birthday

Mayor Palanca flanked in between by Gov. Maranon, VG Alvarez, BM Ko, and Cong. Benitez

During the recently celebrated 78th birthday of Mayor Severo A. Palanca, the Victorias City Coliseum was jam- packed with special guests, VIP’s and the people who love him and consider him the one and only father of Victorias.

Cong. Albee Benitez, his grand nephew told him in his message “ Lolo, I will not be here without you (referring to his political career and at the same time, literally, in the coliseum) and all these people here who love you dearly. This fabulous coliseum will not be standing here if not for you.” He thanked the Mayor for the all wonderful things and accomplishments he did for the City of Victorias mentioning that some years back, it was Mayor Palanca who authored the Cityhood of Victorias.

The Mayor in return, aside from thanking the guests especially the presence of the Governor, Hon. Alfredo Maranon and former Mayor Remedios Bantug who is the sister of the celebrator, thanked the young solon for being there for Victorias stating that Victorias has found gem in Cong. Albee, who happens to be an enterprising genius. Victorias will be going through a lot of evolution because Cong. Benitez will see to it that the city is his priority and that all roads in our city will lead to progress and beyond. He also stressed how proud Cong. Albee has made him because it is the first time the District‘s Congressman is from his beloved City Victorias.

The Governor in his greetings said that the Mayor is a good friend of the Maranon family as he was a best buddy of his brother , the late Gov. Joseph Maranon (my Ninong).

Greeters like his son Dr. Chris Palanca from the US, NOHS classmates and a lot more were shown in the video presentation.

Some of the guests who were there were: Vice Governor Genaro Alvarez, former Congressman Kako Lacson, Board Member Manman Ko, Board Member Bading Escalante, Board Member Patrick Lacson, EA to the Governor and Former Manapla Mayor Manolet Escalante, another former Manapla Mayor Edilberto Vocal who is also a relative of the family. Relatives and good friends also came to celebrate the revelry with the celebrator.

Everybody feasted with the mouth watering food on the buffet table with overflowing drinks and cocktails to heat up the party. No tediousness throughout the evening as the guests were entertained by Pinoy Dream Academy Winner, Kulay Pitaka Band and Viva Hot Babes compliments of Cong. Benitez.

The night’s theme was Western so the city employees dig into their closets and wore their checkered blouses and boots. I was the judge for the best dressed and it was Dorlia Bingco who won the prize of the night.

Lolo Vero, you’re such an angel to the people of Victorias, we love you dearly and we wish you long life and good health. Happy Happy Birthday!

Life of Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña (Unofficial)

It has always been a talk that the land where Victorias stands today was donated by our great great-grandfather to the city. When I was in grade II, I  remember to have seen a picture of Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña in one of the public libraries in Victorias.  After I asked my Dad, that’s when I learned that our ascendant was part of the History of the City.

Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña was a landed  Chinese businessman who, from his landholdings, donated a 26-Hectare land  to the then Municipal Government of the old Town of Victorias. The original town-site was in Barangay 9, that’s why today, it is called Daan-Banwa.

Don Alejandro, whose birthday fell on the 26th of April and a date which was later adapted as the Feast Day of Our Lady of Victory and the Fiesta of Victorias, had four children. His eldest was Vicente, who at his young age, went home to China and never came back. He never had any descendants in Victorias.

The second child is our great grandfather Saturnino, who was said to have two families. The first, was our Lola, Simeona Junsay from Victorias  and the second was from Toboso, that is why, until now, there are also Acuñas living in Toboso.

The flambuoyant Lolo Nino, being the only boy left in the family after Vicente went home to China, was carefree, had travelled a lot and spent most of his inheritance in luxury and a lot of pleasurable hobbies including occasional classic vices, of which Opium was one thing  noted of him.

Lolo Nino’s children were Estrella, Moises and Jose (Dad’s Papa). Lola Estring, his only daughter, who died in 2006 at the age of 99, told us that Lolo Nino was a Chinese doctor, whose education was attained from different parts of the world, including Germany, USA and China. During their younger years, their childhood home was in the lot where the Manuel Ko Bldg stands today. They rode in Caruajes going to Bacolod City ( I cannot imagine this) where Lolo Nino used to be one of the doctors in Hua Kong Commercial in Shopping.

The third was Doña Andrea Acuña Palanca, or Lola Anding, who’s the only great-Lola that I saw.

Lola Anding, who married another Chinese (Lucio Chilianchin Palanca) was  closer and helpful to our grandparents. Her children included Carlos, Almerio and Leoncio palanca, Lola Idiong P. Bantug, Lola Marrieta Corona, Lola Inday Alonte, Lola Chayong Palanca, Mrs. Lilia Mosqueda, Lolo-Mayor Vero A. Palanca, Dr. Esto A. Palanca, Atty. Simplicio A. Palanca, and Atty. Potenciano Palanca.

The fourth child, Claudina A. Suncuaco or Lola Dina is the mother of Luis Suncuaco, Lola Ding Mirasol, Lola Ada Garcia, Lola Noemi Miraflores, Gloria Pabillo Lola Salome De Dios and Jesus Suncuaco. In their family Mausoleum, at the Victorias Public Cemetary, the remains of Don Alejandro was laid to rest.

Lola Dina and her husband died of early ages, and left Lola Anding to take care of a total of 18 children all in all, 12 from the Palancas and 6 from the Suncuacos. They lived in Dux Theatre area.

Lola Anding’s bestfriend was Lola Natividad Junsay, also my Lola, because her husband Lolo Miguel Junsay is the brother of Siemona Junsay, wife of Lolo Saturnino. They used to play Panggingue – card games or mahjong, with silver coins as chips.

According to stories, when Lolo Nino was on his death-bed, Lola Anding was at his bedside. Because of his luxurious life, he was left with only a few or no property at all. Before he died, Lola Anding assured him that she will send his children to school and would take care of his succeeding descendants. This is actually happening until now, the Bantug- Palanca families have been helpful to us, even if we belong to the 5th generation already. We are still in close contact, although we see the Suncuacos during special occasions.

In honor of Lolo Alejandro, Mayor Severo Palanca initiated the construction of a gymnasium named Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quina Arts and Cultural Center where we can see his monument. Also, there is a Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña Elementary School located in Brgy. IV in the City Proper, a Yap Quiña Subdivision in Brgy. III developed by Lola Idiong Bantug and is where we live now, a Yap Quiña Street  located in Brgy. IV and Brgy. V where the Victorias National High School and Victorias Elememtary School are located. (Lola Anding also has a school named after her in Brgy. 10)

It feels good to know where you came from. I’m glad, I have traced 1/4 of my being and I am proud of my heritage and my ancestors. Someday soon, we are all going to gather and chat about the missing pieces to rediscover the life and legacy of Don Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña.

Mayor Severo A. Palanca of Victorias

The Mayor

He is a  God given gift to the people of Victorias. His presence and hard work paid off and gave Victoriahanons pride and honor.

When Hon. Severo Acuña- Palanca became the Mayor in the 1992, his first project was the restoration of the then old Municipal Hall. Mayor Palanca was said to possess skills in fiscal management, meaning good in managing budget and finances. That’s why during his second term, he was able to increase the tax collection of the city which lead to the Cityhood of Victorias in 1998.

Mayor Palanca built the Victorias Commercial Complex in 1998 that made him a talk of the province. It was a project that other mayors wanted to follow but no one perfected it the way Mayor Palanca did.

Mayor with his Council Circa 1990

Projects after projects, year after year, infrastructure projects would rise from nowhere. Mayor Vero also spearheaded the development of Gawahon Eco Part, a resort in Hda. Tison,  and made it one of the top tourist destinations in Negros. It boasts several rooms, a boating lagoon, a spring water pool and 7-natural waterfalls that is a subject of curiosity from those who haven’t seen it.

Aside from that, Mayor Vero with the help of his sister, Former Mayor Remedios Bantug, who became Mayor from 2001-2004, also constructed the public plaza with a skating rink and a gazebo park, the Victorias Sports and Recreational Center, the Victorias Health Center, the Don Alejandro Yap Quina Cultural Center, the extension of the Victorias Cemetery in Barangay 14 and many more projects that brought Victorias to the pedestal.

From this hardships and determination, Mayor Palanca earned a lot of distinctive awards and trophies, one of which was the Galing Pook Award, a national award for developing the Dream Village Pabahay Program for government employees, including teachers and city hall employees.

Mayor Vero with beloved Sister Former Mayor Bantug and Grandnephew Cong. Albee Benitez

The Alejandro Acuna Yap Quina Cultural Center

Build on trust and confidence to his leadership, Mayor Vero also became Provincial Chairman of  Lakas Kampi– a Political Party of the previous administration. Later on, Mayor Vero opened his mind to a lot of things including supporting the candidacy of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, who was accommodated by the Mayor during his visit last May.

Because of the progress of the City, he earned the trust of investors who brought  Lopue’s, Mang Inasal, Chooks to go, Generics Pharmacy, LBC, ML Lhuillier, Dunkin Donuts, Chinky’s, Mama Maria’s Pizza, 6 major banks , and 4 gasoline stations, to name a few, to the city.

Next year, the first State College for the City is going to rise in Hda. Estrella in Brgy. 14. Another landmark, another triumph for us, and another way of knowing who our Mayor really is.

The Victorias Commercial Complex

Thank you and Happy Birthday!

On July 18, Mayor Vero will mark another year of developments, accomplishments and mandate to serve the people who he dearly loves, as he celebrates his birthday.

Mayor, you truly deserve to be given a tribute. Victorias is blessed to have you as the father of the city. You took good care of it and molded it to be what it is right now, with love and dedication. In behalf of the Victoriahanons, let me say thank you for making our dear Victorias a better place to live in.

Happy Happy Birthday Lolo Vero!

The Victorias Coliseum and Recreational Center

The Victorias Coliseum, a view from the NAtionla Highway.

The Kiddie and Adult pools, the multi- purpose hall, the coliseum and the Kadalag-an Village

34 kilometers up north, the Victorias Sports and Recreational Center, one of the pilot projects of  Mayor Severo A. Palanca, is first sight to see when you enter the City of Victorias.

The 7,000-seater Victorias Coliseum, the premier attraction of the recreational center, has been a regular host to sports events such as Philippine Basketball Association, boxing events cultural shows and religious gatherings. It has a rubberized basketball court, with fiber goals, and a state of the art electronic four sided center hung scoreboard, and lighting and sound P.A. system. The 4 dug outs can accommodate two games and teams in a row.

The Coliseum also has a 12 lane bowling alleys with six (6) lanes of duck pins and six (6) lanes ten pins which the City acquired from Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno plus three (3) billiard tables.

The bowling alley

The Billiard Tables

For guests who want to spend the night or take a rest, the coliseum has also four (4) available rooms (2 with single beds and 2 double beds) on the third floor.

Other Amenities of the Coliseum is a fitness gym, a press room, a 180 slots parking space and a coffee shop situated at the entrance of the dome.

The 7-hectare complex also boasts the Kadalag-a Village which Mayor Palanca ideally developed for the employees of the City Government. Beside the Coliseum is the recreational center consists of an Olympic Pool for professional swimming competitions, an adult pool with a slide and a kiddie’s pool where our children can enjoy throughout the day. Picnic huts with reasonable rates in the gazebo are provided for excursionists and visitors.

the most recent basketball event

Another part of the recreational center which is under construction is the multi purpose center which can hold small celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.

The Victorias Recreational Center is envy to other cities not only in the province but in other regions as well. If Luzon has an Araneta Coliseum, certainly the Visayas has a Victorias Sports Complex too, truly world class!

Mabuhay ang Victorias! Mabuhay Mayor Severo Palanca!