Enchanted Kingdom in Negros Occidental

Enchanted Kingdom in Negros

Enchanted Kingdom in Negros

Everybody is very curious of this Enchanted Kingdom, a private project initiated by Cong. Albee Benitez. I have heard it straight from the horse’s mouth a few months ago. They plan to build it at the property somewhere in Silay or Talisay. Must be near the Airport Road.

Cong. Albee and his team, has invited several investors and since the project is very feasible, the companies are optimistic about all these and are very keen in starting up the construction.

I see it as a breakthrough not only for the City of Talisay or Silay but also for the Province of Negros Occidental as well. It is an attraction for local and foreign tourists and will be a huge advantage to increase the market value of the nearby vicinity. Aside from that, more people will benefit from the employment it will bring from the building and construction to the operations. Small entrepreneurs too may find benefits if they are resourceful and aggressive; tour operators and travel agencies for attractive packages; our hotels for accommodations, the different airlines for added flights, and other attractions of the province.

Actually, this Enchanted Kingdom project is really what we need. Cebu Province has been miles away from Negros with regards to economy, progress, tourist destination and attractions. We need a milestone like this to draw attention. We need the right Tourism connects from other places to include our destinations in their packages.

My vision of the Province is actually something similar to this and I know it is not impossible. With the genius and determination of Cong Albee, soon enough, not just a amusement park can be seen but also a recreational complex complete with sport facilities such as golf courses or driving range, horse back riding facilities, bowling alleys and gym, likewise a hotel with gaming facilities, restaurants, theatres, convention hall, bars, shopping mall and a lot more to make it an all in one-one stop destination.

A phase by phase construction is what I foresee, for the management to feel and evaluate the acceptance and reaction of the market. This should also go in close coordination with the Tourism authority to affirm their solid support and promotion assistance.

This and more is just a vision. The ball is under the operators’ hands right now. I just hope the entire province will help support and market their own so that hand in hand, our province will be placed on the map as one of the desirable places to go!


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